IMPACT 1.000.000
At least 2.2 billion people worldwide suffer from near or distance vision impairment.
In at least 1 billion, or nearly half, of these cases, the visual impairment could have been prevented or has yet to be corrected.
Roland Ngole believes that more than half of the world's population lives without vision. More than half of humanity is vision-blind, which is why he has made it his mission to raise awareness of vision among more people worldwide in the coming years with the “Impact a Million” project. He will give lectures on the need for vision for success and the power of vision in schools, universities, clubs and communities. He will also conduct surveys and research on the subject of vision to provide humanity with deeper insights into it.
  • Your audience will be inspired
    by Roland´s story
  • Your audience gets empowered
    to find and follow their vision
    and purpose
  • Your audience gets hope to never
    give up on life and themselves
  • Your audience gets impacted
    to leave their comfortzone
Multiple award -winning speaker, Author and University Lecturer Roland Ngole has impacted countless lives with his Story of going from a school dropout without a vision and purpose for his life to speaking to thousands of people in different Countries.

Over the last 6 years, He has used his dynamic and powerful voice to speak in Universities, Organizations, churches and conferences on Subjects like finding Vision and Purpose, overcoming the failure of failure and social emotional learning in schools.

Just a few years ago, Roland was a Student at the Fulda University of applied Sciences Germany. But, since graduating in 2018, his influence has spread around the world and we Look forward to bringing it to your school (Organization).
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International Speaker Roland Ngole in Action
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Some Of His Clients:
  • Dr. Silvia Schäefer
    Business Expertin
    „Roland is like a fireworks on stage. I was focused and greatly inspired by his speech“
  • Andreas Müller
    „Roland Ngole stands for energy, passion and content paired with so much humor and ease. Thank you for your impulses and for giving my vision a real boost!!“
  • Sigrid Gleinser Glückskind
    "As a speaker, Roland is an enrichment and asset for every event! He is exciting, charming, funny, inspiring, informative, well-founded and emotional. I highly recommend you to book Roland Ngole to speak“
  • Monika Leu
    "Roland's performance was brilliant and he has a great speaking talent. I look forward to experiencing his performance on stage again“
  • Nicole Schwalbe
    „So lively, fascinating and thrilling - Roland is a real stage master and I was very happy to have met him. Thanks for entertaining me!“
  • Ute Weyrauch
    „Roland's speech touched me and took me on an inner journey of understanding. It was Simply great❣ Thank you Roland for inspiring me"🙏
  • Magret Marincolo
    „Roland Ngole is an great Speaker. He is absolutely a MUST HAVE for every event!!!“
  • David Jacob Huber
    “Roland is like a Fireworks on stage!. He delivers his Speeches with incredible power. I would readily put him on any stage for him to perform“
  • Josua Laufer
    Managing Director of Expertenportal
    „If you, as an entrepreneur, have understood how important the right motivation and a clear vision are, then Roland Ngole is the right speaker for your next event“
  • Natalie Gewanat
    „Roland Ngole is a real brand with great entertainment value and a special stage presence“
  • Kai-Uwe Berdick
    „Wow, what an impressive performance on stage. Roland impressed me 100% with his presence and dynamism. he knows how to inspire an audience with his energy"
  • Eileen Paßlack
    „Roland's speeches, inspired and empowered our students to master the hurdles of achieving a successful career“
You can find me here:
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34063 Kassel, Deutschland

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